Wednesday, November 24, 2010

hallway design references

windows one side. doors on the other. arches. draped on windows.
carpet. ceiling. lighting.

attic design references

possible string that opens stairs to attic?

i like this picture. but more windows for light rays.

2nd floor style references

study rooms, like the Edgar Allen Poe feel. picture below is great.

bedroom ideas. master bedroom could have bed drapes.

bathrooms with tubs. small narrow.

first floor design reference pictures

entrances, spiral staircases. hallway in between . chandelier

couch and seating

fireplace for library

trying for an Edgar Allan Poe The Raven feel for the library and study rooms

dining room references

candle fixtures, most light in the house will come from candles.


i like the arcs in this picture but ide like them better if they had curtains. yeah curtains.

basement design style reference pictures.

cellar door. possibly wider


walking into attic from upstairs.

this is a really good picture of a scary attic. the 1 light bulb as a light source and the glowing heater stands out as "scary"

dark. dim light source. janky wooden stairs leading to basement.

wine cellar. blood red wine?

note walls, ceiling, overall feel of this picture. hallway to lead to 2 possible rooms as stated in the GDD